The Finnish company, Nokia has just unveiled a creative concept handset that called the Nokia GEM. It has full-body touchscreen that excessive customization options and being full-phone display. The idea is any part of Nokia GEM – whether front, rear

The well-known luxury mobile phone maker, Mobiado has recently introduced a transparent phone concept, the Mobiado Aston Martin CPT002 that collaboration with British sports cars maker, Aston Martin. This handset has a solid sapphire crystal, see-through capacitive touch screen and

The Canadian company, Mobiado has created exclusive mobile device and introduced new conceptual handset, known as Mobiado CPT001. According to manufacture, this phone is combines modern communication technologies and materials used during the renaissance period. Mobiado CPT001 luxury phone concept

Here is a conceptual mouse that developed by Ukrainian designer, Andy Kurovets. This mouse is namely the “G-Point“. With the provocative name, G-Point, it is similar to G-Spot, which means that in medicine “point of pleasure” for women. The most

Designer Mikhail Stawsky has presented an interesting concept mobile phone, Mechanical Mobile. This concept mobile phone is small device with a monochrome touchscreen display, which can provide as a numeric keypad for dialing, typing and other tasks. The Mechanical Mobile