Adobe Flash games on iPhone

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Adobe Systems said on the Adobe MAX 2009 conference that support for Flash will still be available for the iPhone. Previous, Flash Player 10.1 will bring Flash full support for high-definition video, not only on the PC, but netbooks, smartbook, smartphones and communicators, except for iPhone. And for this communicator will create applications with Flash applications using Flash Professional CS5. Toward the end of the year will be available its beta in public.

The difference between Flash Professional CS5 with Flash Player 10.1, which will be designed for other mobile platforms, that it will not be able to view Flash-content directly into the browser, but will be possible to create applications using Flash. Interestingly, in the App Store can be found for as much as 8 applications, they were written using a pre-release version of Flash Professional CS5: Digg Pics, South Park Avatar Creator, Chroma Circuit, Just Letters, Trading Stuff, Red Hood, Fickleblox and That Roach Game.

Flash is Coming to The iPhone. Well, Sort of.

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