Adtec AD-MB80: Bluetooth-headset on the Wrist

Recently, many manufacturers have creating mobile phones in the shape of wrist watches. Adtec decided to go digging through the parallel and invented wrist Bluetooth-headset.

This device is marked with the symbol AD-MB80 and is a wrist bracelet with an integrated module Bluetooth Ver2.1 + EDR and dynamics. Novelty recognizes voice commands and is able to make a number of the caller you will call. Built capacity of 170 mAh battery provides two hours of conversation. The body size of the device is 68h23, 5h59mm, and its weight is 25 g.

In the sale of Adtec AD-MB80 arrive this Friday. Initially it will be available in Japan at a price of $ 65.

Adtec’s Bluetooth wrist-speakerphone


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