Amazon Echo hits US retail stores for holiday season, just $150 today

Initially landing on Amazon’s online store only, the Amazon Echo will be available in retail stores across in the United States, according company’s announced. That’s mean the Echo would be sold at over 3,000 US retail stores include Staples, Brookstone, RadioShack, P.C. Richard & Son, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, Sears and so on.


Another good news, you can buy the Amazon Echo for just $149.99 instead of $179.99 regular’s price tag. Well, Amazon offers a one-day sale on the Echo smart speaker that means you save $30. Amazon said the Echo is a must-have gift this holiday season. As a smart device helps make connected home easy and fun.



Amazon Echo is a voice operated search box, so you can search results something simply by asking the question. Or it plays music from a variety of services. Echo is also able to tell you the news, weather, search on Yelp, traffic information, access your Google Calendar, and among other things. So, the Echo looks like you’ve a Siri, a virtual assistant in the form of a home speaker.

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In terms of hardware, Amazon Echo provides a 2.5-inch woofer and a 2-inch tweeter that placement to ensure omnidirectional sound. It comes with a modern wireless speaker fashion and size-appropriate audio power.

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Amazon Echo Coming to Thousands of Retail Locations Across the U.S.
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Amazon Echo hits US retail stores for holiday season, just $150 today


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