ARCHOS VR Glasses like a phone holder on your eyes

Archos is entering glasses wearable device with unveiled a virtual reality headset. Known as the Archos VR Glasses, it looks a big and cheap device. The VR headset seems strap a smartphone to your face, like a phone holder. Good thing, the Archos VR Glasses is even cheaper than the Samsung GearVR. Moreover, it is also offering compatibility with a wide range of devices that unlike the GearVR with Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 4.


Company says the Archos VR Glasses is perfectly for use with pretty much any 1080p high definition smartphones, which has screen sizes up to 6 inches. The device works with any operating system (Android, iOS, and Windows). But French electronics company Archos has been mention the VR Glasses recommends a quad-core device or similar. That’s paired with motion sensors including an accelerometer and gyroscope.


Compatible with all Virtual Reality applications (more than 100 as for now), ARCHOS’ latest wearable product is also made to free users from reality thanks to its lightweight yet robust material

New Archos VR Glasses with supported apps are capable to track your head movement to offer 360 degree videos. So, it will like move as you change position. The movement sensor will be ideal for those who play games while wearing the headset (it’s utilized a Bluetooth connectivity).


Archos isn’t offering a lot of details on the virtual reality headset, but as soon as we get some more details we will let you guys know. Reportedly, Archos VR Glasses will go on sale sometime in November and complete price tag $30.

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Press Release
ARCHOS VR Glasses: Jumping into the mobile virtual reality world Available in November, starting at $29.99, ARCHOS VR glasses create immersive experiences for smartphone users


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