Aries Blackbird X10 drone with 1080p video, WiFi-on-sky, and autopilot

Trend of the camera-toting drone is becoming more competitive with every passing day. Adorama has recently announced the existence of its quadcopter, the Aries Blackbird X10 that designed specifically for making video recording and taking selfies while on the go – if you’re self-portrait lover. Reportedly, this drone will allow you to take still images from as far as the sky. Of course, it’s also enabling to record video on same the sky.Aries-Blackbird-X10-drone-launch-2

Meanwhile, the Adorama’s Aries Blackbird X10 provides a variety of stability, control systems technologies, and camera. That’s make better quality photos and videos while capturing from above. As big photography and electronics retailer, Adorama is exclusive selling the Aries Blackbird X10 drone right now. For those who interested to buy it, they can go company’s (online / offline) store and have to pay of $799 USD.

Most advantage point of Blackbird X10 quadcopter drone is a 16-megapixel camera, which capable to delivers up to 1080p/30fps video recording. It’s a microSD card support should you ever need more storage – it supports up to 32GB of memory. The quadcopter is compatible to be related iOS and Android apps. Its 5300mAh battery can juice the drone to enable fly for up to 25 minutes on one single full charge.


Apart from 500 meter transmitter range, it’s integrated 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity that able to 1,000ft away. Interestingly, to make sure safety for everyone – Aries Blackbird X10 drone can automatically autopilot task (failsafe mode) to take over and turn back to where it started. That’s happen while the drone is loss of control and loses signal with the transmitter. Like similar products, this drone has propeller guards for extra protection.

Back to camera side, users can easily controlling the snapper on the drone while it’s flying through the mobile app. You can also the drone’s controller via smartphone using Mobile Device Mount. Company is also offering an Aries Repeater that make sure the drone stay connected (about 1000ft away).

Aries Blackbird X10 key feature include:

  • Up to 25-minute flight time per charge with external 5,300mAh lithium battery
  • Ergonomic and uncommonly comfortable controller grip
  • 500 Meter (1,640 Ft) Transmitter range
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi integration plus repeater to increase monitoring connectivity up to 1,000 feet
  • Emergency safe return and auto land function
  • Writes to MicroSD cards up to 32Gb
  • Easy-to-use mobile interface with apps for iOS and Android

So, anyone planning to purchase the Aries Blackbird X10 drone?

Source: Press Release


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