ASUS Eee Reader, cheapest?

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We have already mentioned in the news that the ASUSTek Computer plans to enter the market of electronic books reader and provide an appropriate model in the line of Eee. And now London Times edition reported some details of the Eee Reader. It turns out that the company is preparing two models; the budget and more functional and expensive. ASUSTek hoped that the younger model becomes the cheapest available now for sale. By the way, the company is already able to produce the most affordable netbooks and processors, it may be obtained and e-book.

Interestingly, the ASUS Eee Reader will differ from other eBook to their form factor, as the source. The device will resemble a paper book, that is, it can be opened. Moreover, the model will be equipped with a color touch screen, microphone, web-camera and speaker, it will allow Internet calls through Skype. Apparently, all this will be inherent in the older, more expensive version of the electronic book. It is expected that the announcement of ASUS Eee Reader will be held before the end of this year.

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