ASUS ROG Spatha MMO gaming mouse with dual connectivity

Asus has recently introduced a new gaming mouse that called the ASUS ROG Spatha MMO. As the name suggests, the peripheral is designed for massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games. It brings a total of 12 programmable buttons such as six thumb buttons situated (on the left side of mouse). That’s also six buttons, which featuring Alps switches for tactile feedback and are arranged to resemble the iconic ROG eye.


Coming in a magnesium alloy, the Asus ROG Spatha MMO gaming mouse provides its exclusive easy swap switchable socket design. You can also see the programmable RGB LED effects. In wired mode, this mouse is able to deliver a polling rate of up to 2000 Hz. Users can also charge the ROG Spatha mouse through its charging dock or can be charged in wired mode.


That’s thank to Dual modes for additional flexibility. It can be used in wired or wireless mode. In wireless mode, Asus ROG Spatha is take advantages of a high-speed wireless connection for high data throughput and low latency. The gaming mouse packs a sensitivity of 8200 dots per inch (DPI).asus-rog-spatha-official-2

Asus has not revealed any information on pricing or worldwide availability yet.

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ASUS ROG Spatha MMO gaming mouse with dual connectivity


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