Asus VivoMouse Multitouch Wireless Mouse

Asus has introduced an oddly-shaped wireless mouse called the Asus VivoMouse. This accessory is perfectly for use with Windows 8 OS to delivers touch-friendly experience. As mention, the Asus VivoMouse is also the world’s first wireless mouse with built-in multitouch touchpad. Meanwhile, the VivoMouse is basically combines a regular mouse, touchpad, and a handheld remote.


You can tap your fingers on the touch surface like use it on a standard optical mouse. You can slide it on the large touchpad and interact with Windows 8 PC. So, it’s capable to multitouch gestures like pinch-to-zoom, rotate, etc. The VivoMouse has features 3-point multitouch and 1200dpi optical sensor. It uses 2.4GHz RF wireless connection

Designed to fits comfortably in the hand, Asus VivoMouse multitouch wireless mouse has wide and flat form making it ideal for one-handed control away from the computer. Well, company says this peripheral is match to joining with you on a living room PC.Asus-VivoMouse-Wireless-Mouse-with-Multitouch-Touchpad-Official-2

There is no word on pricing yet but the Asus VivoMouse will be show off during Computex 2013.

Source [Press Release]
VivoMouse — new device category combines mouse, touchpad, and wireless remote
ASUS VivoMouse and VivoPC Highlight Innovative Design at Computex
Versatile VivoMouse works as a standalone touchpad and wireless remote, while the compact and elegant VivoPC integrates SonicMaster audio and 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Asus VivoMouse Multitouch Wireless Mouse


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