AT&T selling FiLIP 2 Kids smartwatch with promotional price

AT&T has recently rolled out a new kid-friendly smartwatch, the FiLIP 2. It’s actually a second generation wearable for children that is aimed at kid’s ages between from 4 to 11 year old. As mention, the first generation of FiLIP Kids smartwatch was launched last year. For parents who interested to get the device can buy it since November 7th and pay at $99.99. You should be hurry up to grab it because promotional price for a limited time ($150 after the holidays).

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Like the original wrist-watch model, FiLIP Technologies offers some features for parents to keep an eye on their children. That’s including direct message, voice calling, and GPS. Interestingly, all of these are controlled by parents via a mobile app. The new additional feature on FiLIP 2 kids smartwatch are pre-program in five numbers, which allows parents to configure the device for the child can call and receive calls from. Thus, children can still scroll through the contacts.


Parents can now have greater peace of mind when their kids are running around and playing out of eyesight or earshot. It incorporates new design elements based on real-world testing that enhances the durability of the device screen and the overall user experience for parents using the app.

To make attractive smartwatch, the kid-friendly FiLIP 2 has array of bright colors but keep the same design from previous model. Moreover, the wristband is more comfortable and adjustable for children. Parents are able to knowing locate their child both indoors and out, thank to combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi. Moreover, the child’s location can be seen on a map at any time via the FiLIP app.

That’s good idea, for parents with one or more children, they can create a profile in the FiLIP app for each child. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, also simply user interface.

There is a red button on the right side of the watch that feature for an emergency call, just hold the button for three seconds. Parent can configure of Safe Zones in which their child is allowed to roam via geofencing. The FiLIP 2 smartwatch would send an alert to the parent, when the child leaves the Safe Zone.

Press Release
FiLIP 2 Coming to AT&T Stores, Online Starting November 7


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