Augmented Reality Toys: interactive game for good

Speaking of creativity and games, its make remind to Frantz Lasorne. Frantz Lasorne is a French designer who is working on something really amazing for his thesis. Frantz Lasorne presented his project “Augmented Reality Toys“. Mixing classic toys with the augmented reality space achieved through pseudo virtual glasses / display. Characters can interact with them, attacked with weapons and engage in various missions.

The project in question is a tangible augmented reality interface for play. Actually I have not found more information on this project, only the video on Vimeo of Frantz and explanations, which techniques are rather low. The fact is that if a job is real luxury. The project is part of his thesis for a master of interaction design and is still developing. Undoubtedly a great promise and hope to see the final result soon.

Augmented reality toys: because regular toys aren’t good enough


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