Aurora Fountain Pens: Diamonds 30 Carats and €1 Million Euros

If you will sign project worth Million Euros should not use the pen that was bought at usual bookstore.

What if we suggest buying the Fountain Pens of Aurora, the secured your client/customer will be unnerved when he saw your pen.

Around Fountain Pens “covered” of diamonds with a total of 30 carats and basically use platinum or white gold.

At the top of the pen there is a large diamond which is also surrounded with several smaller diamonds that will make people less “strong” when exposed to its reflection.

Fountain Pens series is including the limited edition and the price is also “limited” at around € 1,000,000 , which makes it one of this expensive pen in the world.

Limited edition Diamante fountain pen by Aurora.
Possibly the most exclusive, valuable writing instrument in the world.

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