Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip, Remote and Mic for iPhone / iPod Touch

Belkin has proudly launched new accessories for iPhone and iPod touch that called the Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip and the Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote. Both devices are aimed to making better and easily when users capturing photos or videos on iPhone / iPod touch.

The Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip is a hand holder and fixed on the iPhone/iPod touch. Coming with soft-touch design, this iPhone’s accessory has a separate fast-fire shutter button and can be turned iPhone /iPod Touch into something like a digital compact camera.

Moreover, Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip is built-in tripod mount that allows users to attach iPhone/iPod touch to any standard tripod.

The Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote is basically a remote control for camera on iPhone or iPod Touch. It is able to wirelessly activate iPhone/iPod touch camera and capable to shutter camera from up to 30 feet away (or a radius 9 meters).

New LiveAction Camera Remote is consists of two parts. The base is allows to place your iPhone / iPod Touch at right angle, and the other one is a remote control, which has shutter button and recording button.

In addition, Belkin also offers an external microphone namely the Belkin LiveAction Mic. It will improve the quality of audio recording.

Each of these Belkin accessories for iPhone / iPod Touch can be purchased for $49.99.

Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip, Remote and Mic Gallery

Belkin LiveAction Camera Grip, Remote and Mic for iPhone / iPod Touch


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