BikeBug: communicate wireless concept for bikers

It is difficult to say whether the author has seen this concept of TV series and etc, but BikeBug cool like this fantastic creature because of its fastening, designed to fasten to the helmet a cyclist. The set is in two parts; the headset with a microphone on a thin flexible talks and radio module, which is mounted on the back of his head of the helmet.

It is unclear why this module display (look at it going at the back?) And, in essence, what this module at all, if everyone knows that only one headset. Particularly alarming is the fact that the designer proposes to use for communication is a Bluetooth protocol transmission of speech (what to do with limitations in range of the Bluetooth in the 10 meters strongly unclear). But the general idea to give bikers traveling device (especially stretching somewhere in the Amazon forest) is interesting.

BikeBug lets bikers communicate wirelessly


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