Bizarre Massage Mouse with massage function

The Japanese-based firm, Art Factory has developed an unusual computer mouse that called Bizarre Massage Mouse. Unlike other computer peripherals, this input device is built-in massager, which is vibrates to your hand or your body when you need a break from working. There are three different massage modes (by A, B, and C buttons on the side). It has also 10 different vibration levels.

Coming with comfortable and stylish design, new Bizarre Massage Mouse is appears to be ambidextrous and integrated LED lights that look like its glowing. As optical mouse, this Bizarre Massage is a touch-enabled device (a touch-sensitive surface) for scrolling and buttons. Moreover, the mouse is using wireless connectivity and USB port for charge the battery.

There is no word on price or detail release date on market yet but Bizarre Massage Mouse is scheduled to show off at CES 2013 (January 8-11, Las Vegas, NV, USA).

Bizarre Massage Mouse with massage function
Feels just as good in your hand as it does on your body


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