Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge coming to Canada

There is a news that Samsung will release its special edition Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone in Canada. However, company hasn’t revealed no further details at this time. Keep in mind that this phone is designed for those who seeking a mermaid aesthetic or just a unique-looking phone.


The Blue Coral is a new color option for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone, which was released on November 1st. It will be arrive in select markets across the globe. The Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has been added by a gold hue to the phone’s metallic frame. That’s also making more premium look.


Just reminder, first time when the handset is announced back in February, company offers four different color options – Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, White Pearl and Silver Titanium. Thus, it had introduced the Pink Gold version in select markets. So, the latest is new Blue Coral version of the smartphone.


In Singapore, the new Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge smartphone with 32GB storage is priced at SG$ 1098 (US$789 approx), while folks in Taiwan can pick one up for NT$ 24,900 (about US$787). New color of phone will be available in the United States later this year, no exactly release date yet.

Press Release
Galaxy S7 edge Now Available in Blue Coral


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