Breitling Emergency II wrist-watch with double signal [video]

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Breitling has recently launched the first wrist watch in the world to transmit double emergency signal at same time, the Breitling Emergency II. So, if you’re trapped on mysterious island, you don’t worry to looking for the smoke monster or the Pearl Station. You can pull the antenna on Breitling Emergency II watch to call in a rescue party.Breitling-Emergency-II-watch-official-2

The Breitling Emergency II wrist-watch is improve version of its previous model, the Breitling Emergency which can transmit one frequency only. The original Breitling Emergency watch is designed at 1990s and able to send 121.5 MHz signal that could be detected within 100 miles (land, sea and air). The new Breitling Emergency II has added the frequency of 406 MHz that monitored by orbiting satellite (OSPAS-SARSAT is commonly used by rescue team).

Battery on the Breitling Emergency II can transmit for 24 hours. The 406 MHz satellite signal will works every 50 seconds, while the second signal (121.5 MHz) will send every 2.25 seconds. To maximize power emergency signals, the watch has two antennas that can be pulled out. These antennas are also automatically turn on both emergency signals. It uses separate a rechargeable battery and recharge via its box packaging.

Breitling Emergency II Gallery

Pretty huge 51mm wide, the back of Breitling Emergency II has an instruction for use with engraved to prevent from a possibility either forgotten or panic. Breitling Emergency II watch can be used in temperature of minus 20 to 55 degrees Celsius and water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. Price of Breitling Emergency II wrist-watch is $17,000 and the titanium version is selling for $18,600.

Emergency2 – Operation – English

Breitling Emergency II Watch Hands-On

Breitling Emergency II Hands-On: Truly Global Rescue Beacon In A Watch
Breitling Emergency II wrist-watch with double signal

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