Brother SV-100B: e-document Reader

Japanese company Brother has released a device that is marked by SV-100B. At first it might seem that the usual e-book, but the manufacturer calls its product viewer documents, e-document reader.

When its create a Brother SV-100B producer pursued such a noble goal, as concern for the environment by saving paper, because when using the viewer of documents, in most cases there is no need to print documents. The device is equipped with a 9.7-inch LCD display with a resolution 1200 x 825 pixel and 150 dpi density, which displays A4 size (FYI, the Kindle 2 has a 6-inch screen with 600 x 800 resolution and 167 dpi only).

One battery charge is enough to show five thousand pages, or to provide 83 hours of work. Innovation does not have its own memory, but is equipped with a slot for memory cards format microSD. Information on the memory card is encrypted on the AES algorithm with 128 bit key.

In Brother SV-100B are USB connector module and Bluetooth, in which the device can be connected to a personal or a PDA for data transfer. Dimensions Brother SV-100B is 237 x 247 x 15.5 mm, and weight is 600 g. The price of new products manufacturer said hit Japanese stores June 1 and cost $1,450.

Brother rolls out A4-sized e-document reader


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