Buy Fujitsu Laptop now, Get ‘free’ New Laptop Every 3 Years

Published On December 3, 2008 | By Faisal Md | Laptop

This is a marketing strategy that arouse the most current Fujitsu from (Laptop4Life). Imagine buy a laptop with the LifeBook series then you will be given a laptop, the latest model of once every 3 years and apply a lifetime.

Just we need to do is buy a warranty extension (Extended Warranty) for 3 years.

At the time they will replace your laptop with a new, simply attach proof of purchase and your laptop, which must in good condition (not broken). That is requisite!

The laptop will also have given the same value at the time you buy a laptop before, so you don’t worry will be given laptop model with lower specifications.

Do not ask us, meanwhile, how they can speculate with a program like this, that this really happened.


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