Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen: For Young Single with refrigerator and Tablet PC

Designer Kai Yu has developed a very interesting kitchen complex concept called Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen. This compact system allows for single men is easy to cook yourself breakfast or dinner. It includes a small tile-oven with a silicon surface, a thin and compact refrigerator, and the Tablet PC to connect to the Internet.

As reported, the complex Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen is designed for the type of the “all-in-one” for the growing number of young single Chinese. In addition to the above, it includes tableware. It reminds the traveler’s refrigerator unit, divided into separate compartments for storage and cooking. And with the help of Tablet PC is available in the World Wide Web recipes for new dishes, as well as talk in chat rooms using the existing web camera.

Unfortunately, the complex Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen is still a concept only. However, he apparently can find a place in the market with adequate prices.

Mini Kitchen That LT Would Love!


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