Electrolux Wind Washer: dry dishwasher concept

For the concepts that we love, this is beautiful idea, they set out. Designer Hwang Jin wook offers an original idea for the dishwasher. He called it Wind Washer (a sort of cleaning wind) and decided that the release of this innovation to the Electrolux company.

Electrolux Wind Washer Dishwasher is a base and a moving part of the two parts. It operates in three passes: the first high-pressure of stream air to blow away all leftover food crumbs in a pan (here become interesting as they do not use across the kitchen), the second treats the surface of dishes with steam, and a third is putting the dishes exposed to ultraviolet (UV), sterilize it.

On the mind all looks very impressive, saving water and detergent (probably more electricity). That is caring for the environment (eco friendly) and other inhabitants of joy 21 century. But in practice, I think, to create a production model of this machine, yet it will be difficult. Hwang Jin wook is still need to work on the project. In particular we are interested in how it will protect the device from the leftovers, which will inevitably result in work.

Air-dry Dishes


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