Fidelity Electronics VPC: 7-inch Netbook with minimum functions

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Most recently in world is only 7-inch netbook with minimum functions. However, progress does not stand still, and now began to appear a model with 11-inch and 12-inch screens and chipsets, capable of playing high definition video. But the Fidelity Electronics has decided not to pursue for high performance and created a model of entry-level to minimum.

Netbook VPC (Very Personal Computer) has 7-inch TFT WVGA display with a resolution of 800 x 480, the module Wi-Fi b / g, and only two gigabytes of built-in storage. The device is equipped with one port, USB, memory card slot for SD, Ethernet port, built-in microphone and jack for connecting headphones. Netbook comes with a 3-cells battery, capacity, according to the company, enough for 3 hours of operation. Press release does not provide clarity about the inner processor Netbook VPC, but it is likely that the processor will use 400 MHz Xburst. Dimensions Netbook comprise 213 x 140 x 25 mm and it weighs just 680 grams.

Netbook will come with preinstalled software, which includes a Web browser, a spreadsheet editor and a text media, the program for reading electronic books (eBook), the application for viewing PDF files, dictionary, calendar, email clients and instant messaging, a calculator and file manager. Fidelity Electronics, however, did not disclose what the operating system would be at this Netbook. Fidelity Electronics VPC will be on sale in March at a price of $ 199.99.

Fidelity Netbook VPC (Very Personal Computer) To Cost Just $199 USD

Fidelity VPC (Very Personal Computer)

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  1. 95% of the world’s computers cost three times what they should.

    We use the world-community developed Linux operating system and universal program applications that cover around 85%of typical computer usage (internet, media player, spreadsheet, document, ereader, file manager, etc).

    A $200 device with XP or Vista included costs $350. Then add MS typical software applications for an additional $200 – $400. The $200 device just became $600 or $700.

    We want to keep it all very simple and pass those saving along. We hope many millions of students and new users will join the online global community and enjoy functionality, portability and affordability.

    Stan Samole

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