Fitbit Surge fitness-focused smartwatch limited early release

Fitbit has decided to release its latest smartwatch, the Fitbit Surge in limited early. That’s mean some people who already signed up for the smartwatch when it was official announced in October will be first get Fitbit Surge. So, the device is offering under a limited release, while the ‘real’ launch in early next year.


Fitbit Surge smartwatch is actually perfectly for those who love sports or fitness. The wearable device provides a total of eight different sensors that designed for monitor your health and fitness. It’s including active minutes, floor climbs, steps taken and so forth.

The Surge is built-in GPS alongside heart rate monitor. Thus, Fitbit Surge is got named a ‘fitness superwatch’ and suitable for 24/7 wear. Company says this wearable gadget is capable to both sleep tracking and silent alarm functions. Users can sync all of this data that utilized the Fitbit app. However, it still have a typical smartwatch features such as music control, call and text notifications.


All in all, the fitness-focused device comes into the street at price tag $249.95. Unfortunately, the exact release date for general market hasn’t been disclosed by company.

Product Page via androidcentral


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