Flying Stretcher: Vehicle to Rescue using Remote-controlled Flying Stretcher

Flying Stretcher or also called Med-Evacuation Aerial Vehicle is a flying vehicle of creation Israel scientists that is controlled by a remote control distance of up to several kilometers.

This vehicle used to transport the army (for rescue) that are located in difficult areas or cannot be reached by helicopter and in the Flying Stretcher can accommodate 4 people at once.

The uniqueness of the “ambulance” vehicle is this hovering can be used both in the land-use to the existing four-wheel drive and with the air can reach a height of 10,000 feet (3 km).

Propeller on the front of the vehicle allows this base can be separated vertically like a helicopter. The idea is very good but little bit problem, some people still afraid when flying without a pilot in it.

Hovering to the rescue: The remote-controlled flying stretcher


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