Fujitsu FLEPia: Color eBooks Reader

One of the obstacles that readers of e-books or laptops for reader e-books were needed to get jump, its screens in color.

Despite what you might expect that the achievement came at the hands of Sony or Amazon (major sellers of reader’s e-books). It has been Fujitsu was the first to get a reader with color display, Fujitsu FLEPia.

The FLEPia was first announced in 2007 and took over a year to appear officially with a touch screen no less than 8 inches capable of displaying 260,000 colors. It’s the world’s first color e-paper mobile terminal.

In addition to the display, Bluetooth connection and WiFi, 4GB SD card, a battery that lasts 40 hours before having to recharge, and Windows CE 5.0. Operating System. For to do something that would live, as the time a screen refresh rate is usually quite long. The FLEPia has 158mm x 240mm x 12.5mm (it’s thinnest section: 11.3mm, weight: 385g), and while the Kindle 2 has measures 203mm x 135mm x 9mm and weighs 290g (screen size: 6 inches).

It goes on sale in Japan in a few weeks at a price of 800 euros.

FLEPia: Fujitsu’s “Kindle killer” gets a release date and high price in Japan


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