Fujitsu High-Speed Image-Capture Technology for Palm Vein Biometric Authentication

Fujitsu Europe Ltd. announced the development of the world’s first biometric authentication technology for the hand blood vessels, which can operate with a moving hand. To capture the image you want just one millisecond, and the level of accuracy of identification is the same as a similar technology, and the previous generation. However, the new system more user-friendly, it needs only to hold your palm over the sensor, whereas the previous hand had to hold for some time.

In addition, new technology allows contactless Fujitsu recognition, that is, the palm does not need to apply to the surface. Just to run your hand over the sensor – it is faster and easier, also plays an important role here and hygienic factor. It’s approximately the same average speed as a person walks (1 meter per second). Such a system would be best for different organizations, which require the identification of visitors, for example, companies or government offices, hospitals and other such places, says Fujitsu. True, but not yet reported, when the demonstration of this new technology.

Fujitsu Develops High-Speed Image-Capture Technology for Palm Vein Biometric Authentication


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