Fujitsu M440 ECO Bio-Mouse

Fujitsu has expanded its ‘green’ computer peripheral products with the Fujitsu M440 ECO wired mouse. In last year, Fujitsu KBPC PX ECO keyboard is made from renewable materials that reduce use of 45 per cent of plastic components, and the Fujitsu M440 ECO is 100 per cent.

Fujitsu M440 ECO mouse is become the world’s first bio-mouse. It is made of biopolymers, ARBOFORM and BIOGRADE. Thanks to elastic nature of the materials that makes more comfortable than a typical mouse.

The Fujitsu M440 ECO eco-friendly mouse has features USB interface, two buttons, scroll wheel and 1000dpi optical sensor. Price of Fujitsu M440 ECO bio-mouse in Russian market is 700 rubles.

Fujitsu M440 ECO Bio-Mouse


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