GDC 09: Onlive, Low-cost solutions for video games

The GDC 09 seems to have become the place where all companies are introducing low-cost solutions for video games. If you saw a moment ago if Zeebo, now comes another clear example of this in Onlive a “dumb device” with which we can access the games of last generation.

The proposal is at least curious. Onlive is a video game system based on internet. So to speak, the game is not stored in our terminal, but on a remote server from which to play, sending signals from device (which has its own remote control) and getting back the video signal from the game.

In connection with low latency, the difference compared to the game is installed imperceptible, with the advantage of using a much more limited hardware and not have to worry about updating their requirements for access to the latest titles.

Thus, Onlive come streaming games, games that are stored and running on a powerful remote server to connect to our terminal to play the same and those who just received the picture in our homes. However, all is not gold that glitters. For picture quality (in terms of resolution refers) similar to the Wii, we need a connection of at least 1.5 Mbps HD resolutions if we cannot be less than 5 Mbps

Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ, Epic Games, Eidos, Atari Interactive and Codemasters have already declared their support for the platform, which will be available next winter at a cost not yet revealed (though less than the Wii in any case) and a payment system based on monthly subscriptions.

Can OnLive’s cloud gaming service threaten traditional consoles?


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