Genius MousePen M508 and M508W Touchpad tablet

Genius has rolls out a pair of new MousePen series tablet, namely the Genius MousePen M508 and Genius MousePen M508W. Both tablets are packs a 5×8-inch working area, which is allows switch from widescreen to 4:3 aspect ratio that depends on the specific task of user.

The Genius MousePen M508 and M508W has provides 13 keys program on tablet’s surface, 4,000 LPI resolution, 1024-level pressure sensitivity, Bluetooth-connected pen, and dedicated controls for controlling zooming, brush attributes, and scrolling.

Genius MousePen M508 is wired touchpads, while the Genius MousePen M508W is wireless device. Cost of M508 is $149 and M508W has $199. Both Genius touchpad tablets will be available this September 2010.

Source M508 | Source M508W
Genius MousePen M508 and M508W Touchpad tablet


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