Gets $150 off for Moto Z lineup in the US

Are you looking for a new smartphone in the United States? Motorola is now offering $150 off for a number of versions from its Moto Z smartphone for a limited time. There are including the Motorola Moto Z Force Droid, the Motorola Moto Z Droid and the Motorola Moto Z. That’s a great deal for you who living in the US.


Meanwhile, you can pick up the Moto Z phone for just $550. The handset normally is listed at $699.99, so you can save $150. The Moto Z Force Droid has original priced at $720, but you can buy it for cost $570. Next up! the Moto Z Droid is now available for purchase at $474, while the normally cost is $

Just quick recaps, Motorola Moto Z Force Droid features guaranteed shatterproof display and up to 40-hour battery plus an advanced 21 MP camera. Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Droid are world’s thinnest premium smartphone that features up to 30-hour battery plus a 13 MP camera with laser autofocus.

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Gets $150 off for Moto Z lineup in the US


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