Good News for doctors, They can access medical records with iPhone/iPod

Physicians or doctors have an iPhone or an iPod Touch will display on the screen of the medical device of their patient in electronic format using a new application available on the store. Created by Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions, the solution, called Allscripts Remote, it is designed precisely to allow doctors to help patients wherever they are. For example, a doctor called for an emergency in the middle of the night would be able to access health data of the patient immediately on their iPhone and ambulance communicate with staff or the hospital.

A doctor may also use Allscripts Remote to fax a summary of the clinical data of a patient at the emergency room, complete with all information it deems essential for curing. The fact remains, however, that this is possible only if the hospital or clinic to use their time in Remote Allscripts Enterprise or Professional. Moreover, the application allows doctors to view the results of laboratory and other data relating to the patient as soon as they are available and determine the most appropriate care even if they are not in their study.,

The U.S. economic package passed in February includes a budget of 19 million dollars to spend on IT projects to achieve health. The President, Barack Obama mentioned electronic documents specifically related to the health of patients as a way forward to improve the American healthcare system.

Allscripts has submitted the new application at the conference “Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2009” held in Chicago from 4 to 8 April.

With App, doctors can access your medical records from their iPhone


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