Google Jamboard 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard introduced, compete with Microsoft’s Surface Hub

Google has silently announced a new product that in order hardware. It is called the Google Jamboard, which is a digital whiteboard. This hardware product features a 55-inch 4K whiteboard. Meanwhile, businesses will enjoy to show any files stored in Docs, Sheets and Slides.


Reportedly, Google Jamboard 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard is capable to put up to 16 simultaneous touch inputs. That’s including a stylus, built-in camera, and speakers. Another good point, the Jamboard is support for Google’s cloud. It is able to collaboration tools, which allows multiple people in different locations access. Also, it is share material through the device.

New 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard is carrying tools like sticky notes and stencils. Thus, its intelligent features are including handwriting and shape recognition. Like a regular whiteboard, users can easily mounted the Google Jamboard on a wall. It has also pen and eraser holders underneath.

[youtubevideo id=”gXwV5SlKLAE”]

Undoubtedly, Google Jamboard is truly compete to Microsoft’s Surface Hub, which provides similar features. Giant company plans to sell Jamboard sometime in 2017 for priced at $6000.

Press Release
Jamboard – the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud


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