Google Search By Voice for iPhone

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This is the software that may be the most sought after people at this time.

Google recently announced a software application specific to their latest mobile phone iPhone (Free) is the name given the Google Search by Voice.

This application allows us to enter the word you want to search in the Google search engine with just want to say a word search and automated search engine, Google will display the results of the search.

This way, of course, easier for users to search compared with the need to type using the stylus / pen on the iPhone screen.

Not only that, this application can also notify other things, for instance, you simply say “where the location of the nearest Starbuck?” Then through existing technology such as GPS and others, Google will display a list of where the nearest cafe.

Correct us if you like that, you would forward the applications such as this, but unfortunately, while this application is only for the iPhone.


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