GoPro Odyssey 360-degree camera now available in the US

GoPro partnered with Google have officially announced a VR-recording machine that known as the GoPro Odyssey 360-degree camera. It is actually the one device with the 16 GoPro cameras. Not for everyone, company is selling the Odyssey in limited quantities for price tag $15,000 USD.


Keep in mind that the $15,000 package is consist of the Odyssey rig itself and $8,000 USD worth of GoPro Hero4 Black cameras. That’s also including microSD card, a pelican case (for storing and transporting the entire kits), and several cables. Of course, the 15 grand price tag is also bundled with the 16 ‘bacpacs’ for mounting the cameras on the rig.

GoPro Odyssey 360-degree camera is suitable for producers and professional content creators. So, Odyssey is a pretty deal for everyone who want to invest into the VR market and create exciting content.

Owners of GoPro Odyssey will also get Google’s Jump Assembler. This software will allow users to take footage from all 16 cameras and created it into a single file. If you’re interested the footage, here is an action preview in the YouTube video below.

[youtubevideo id=”AR9_SZtJ_KU”]

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GoPro Odyssey 360-degree camera now available in the US


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