GoPro Omni VR camera, 360-degree video platform have announced

As new innovation on augmented trend, GoPro – one of action camera maker, has officially introduced both GoPro Omni VR Camera and GoPro VR 360-degree content platform. These come with a pretty and interesting features.

First, it is GoPro Omni VR, which is basically a cube shaped camera. This hardware brings six Hero4 cameras combined with an aluminum rig. It is lightweight and of course, made for action shots.


Six cameras are capable to work at the same time. You can also make the stitched together footage from the cameras. Thus, you will able to create a single 360-degree video. The GoPro Omni VR camera provides an over capture feature, which allows users to capture at 8K and extract an HD deliverable.

Next up! company presents the GoPro VR platform that is a 360-degree VR channel and offers curated content. Every users takes experience the immersive world of 360 degree video showcasing original content from GoPro. The new GoPro VR is currently available on the web. It comes in the form free app platform for iOS and Android devices. Meanwhile, it is designed to showcase VR content from around the world and share it further.


The GoPro Omni has already available for pre-order starting today. Just reminder, GoPro was released its Odyssey 16-camera VR rig, which sells at $15,000. But the GoPro Omni VR camera will price of $4,999.99 that including one GoPro Omni Sync Rig, GoPro Kolor Software License, six GoPro HERO4 Black cameras and batteries, Six GoPro Mini USB Cables, GoPro Smart Remote, 32GB microSD card and card readers, as well as Ultra compact, rugged shipping case.


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