Gresso Lady Diamond: Luxury phone for women

In anticipation of the March 8, The Women’s Day, many mobile phone manufacturers have proposed a model based on an excellent half of humanity. Gresso Company has created the most luxurious model Lady Diamond.

Despite the fact, Lady Diamond is the first collection of the producer, for women. Gresso Company has fulfilled the shell apparatus of titanium, which covered the high-tech ceramics color Magenta Diamond. Coverage includes special microparticles, which overflows and make the phone an elegant full color.

The body of Lady Diamond Manufacturer put four white diamonds, total 0.44 carat. Keys apparatus made of 18 carat gold, while the display covers the 42-carat sapphire glass, polished by hand. In the back of the cover is built the same glass. It is made of aircraft aluminum and high quality finished leather.

Specifications Gresso Lady Diamond includes a 2-megapixel camera, 2 GB of internal memory module, and Bluetooth. Open a device that is running Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

Gresso Lady Diamond Smartphone is already available for sale. Its retail price is $ 5235. There were eight instances of Gresso Lady Diamond.

Gresso’s Lady Diamond luxury phone


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