Hisense Vidaa Pad F5281 slim tablet with 6.1mm thick

HiSense, the Chinese budget device maker, has recently unveiled a new slim tablet, the Hisense Vidaa Pad F5281. Surprising, it could be world’s thinnest tablet, which has 6.1mm thick profile. Previously, we had known the Dell Venue 8 7000 Series was titled slimmest tablet in planet with just 6mm, while the iPad Air 2 is almost-as-thin 6.1mm thick.




The upcoming tablet seems replicate the iPad Air 2 in thickness. There are some thin devices on markets such as Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet at 6.4 mm (0.25 inches) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10.5 and 8.4-inch) with 6.6 mm (0.26 inches).

Anyway, the specifications for the new tablet haven’t been mentioned, but rounding out the Hisense Vidaa Pad‘s list of features is front and rear cameras. There are also microSD card slot, a microUSB port, stereo speakers, and a headset jack. Customers will be able to choose a variety of colors of tablet such as brown, gold, grey, and red.


Company hasn’t also made public about the exact dates when the device will show up in retail. So, we’ll update you when that happens, though. Just imagining the Hisense Vidaa Pad, the Sero 8 Pro tablet brings an IPS display with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, while the Dell Venue 8 7000 has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixel. The tablet might have a Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. But, once again, that’s all speculation.

Source: cngadget


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