HSTi WirelessMediaStick, stream content

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HSTi, Home Server Technologies Inc. has unveils its new WirelessMediaStick, streaming media files to any USB Enabled DVD/Blu-ray player, TV, stereo or digital picture frame within a wireless network.

The WirelessMediaStick is a substitute for the classic Wi-Fi antenna, but it serves only for streaming and playback. It is essentially a virtual mass storage device, any media files stored on any shared computer or mass storage device (such as NAS server) within home/office network by utilizing existing wireless router.

According to manufacture, HSTi WirelessMediaStick is compatible with any manufacturer’s audio/visual device that supports playing/viewing of stored media file via USB port.

HSTi WirelessMediaStick will be appearing at CES 2010. Price and availability on market is unknown yet.

WirelessMediaStick Streams Sends Media Files to any USB Enabled DVD Player
HSTi WirelessMediaStick, stream content

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