Huawei VR headset announced with 360-degree sound support

Huawei is joining the trend of producing Augmented reality device that offers a better sound quality. Huawei VR has been introduced at an event in China and actually company’s first VR headset. Considering its design, this wearable device looks like a Samsung Gear VR with a head strap and soft padding on the front.


However, company claims the Huawei VR is world’s first VR headset, which provides 360-degree sound field feature. That’s promising an immersive audio experience. This Huawei-made VR sports 20ms low latency and 95-degree wide viewing angle. The ‘screen’ has anti-reflective blue filter. Its adjustable lenses are support for 0 to 700 degree myopia using the ring on the top.


You can place the phone on the front that same as found on the Samsung Gear VR. There are touch panel on the side for going back and for volume control. You will also see a button to switch between virtual and real content. Huawei offers over 4,000 free movies, games, panoramic images and over 150 panoramic tours.


Pricing of Huawei VR headset are still mystery until now.

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Huawei VR headset announced with 360-degree sound support


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