ICE xPC pocket-sized Haswell / Bay Trail desktop computer

ICE Computer has officially announced its latest pocket-sized desktop computer, the ICE xPC. Introduced during Computex 2014, the machine comes in a choice of Intel Haswell or Bay Trail processor. Weighs less than 4 ounces, the ICE xPC is a pretty cool with about the size of a smartphone. Although a pocket-sized device, the system has a full-blown Windows desktop computer. Users can attach the ICE xPC with several connectors including a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. It is easily to carry PC in your pocket.



Under the hood, the ICE xPC has an Intel Core i3 / i5 or Intel Atom Bay Trail CPU to keep things running smoothly on the computer. The small system providing 32GB or 64GB of solid state storage. ICE Computer says the computer is equipped with WiFi 802.11n, SlimPort for HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA connections. New ICE xPC pocket-sized desktop is also built-in 5MP webcam.



ICE Computer has not revealed when the ICE xPC will be released, nor how much it will cost.

Press Release
Analogix and ICE Computer Partner on Ultraportable Pocket PCs with SlimPort interface
Modular PCs can connect to any screen using SlimPort


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