iPod Shuffle sales climb to top, in crisis

Difficult as it may seem, the new iPod Shuffle is selling very well, surprisingly well. An analysis of NPD on the sales of all iPod models in the U.S. in the physical stores of Apple, showing an increase of 51% in the iPod Shuffle.

Sure, we talk about a new player, the former had long been for sale and sales of all kinds, after some time since its launch, are stabilized. But it sold a 51% increase at this time of crisis, taking into account that costs $ 79 is ridiculous.

I understand that it is an Apple product, with the accompanying problems, like it or not there are always many people, who regard it as the best thing Apple has released, then you have to do not like, I’m on this side (this time).

Despite strong sales, the best selling iPod is the most expensive iPod Touch 8GB, 16GB and 120GB iPod Classic.

iPod shuffle sales surge 50% as iPod touch maintains top slot


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