Jawbone UP3 activity tracker launches in the US on April 20

Jawbone has recently announced the existence of its activity tracker. According to its press release, the Jawbone UP3 wrist-wearable-device will be launched  in the United States on April 20th, 2015. Unfortunately, official pricing for it hasn’t been made public yet but the Jawbone UP3 activity and fitness tracker would be arrive in the US at price of $180.

This device had initially planned to release on a couple of month ago. But it couldn’t be happen due to manufacturing issues. Company is also briefly through its blog that the delay was down to problems with scaling its manufacturing process to meet demand.


Like most wearable device, the Jawbone UP3 comes with water resistance of up to 10 meters (even company is unable to guarantee 10 meters of water resistance for all UP3 units). The device provides an advanced multi-sensor to support activity tracker features.

Shipping in the next few weeks in the US, the Jawbone UP3 wrist-activity-tracker would be global availability later this year.

Press Release
Jawbone Announces UP3 Shipping Dates


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