Kenwood Media Keg MG-G508 pocket-sized music player

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The Japanese company, Kenwood has announced a pocket-sized music player, the Kenwood Media Keg MG-G508.

The new personal media player is comes with a 2-inch TFT LCD display, 8GB flash drive, MicroSD card slot, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

New Kenwood MG-G508 is supports for MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV (audio), as well as JPEG and BMP (graphics) but not video playback. The MG-G508 is provides equalizer (six preset and three configurable) and up to 25 hours of battery life in playing music.

Dimensions of Kenwood Media Keg MG-G508 player are 46.5 x 98.5 x 10.5 mm and weight 45 grams.

In Japanese market, the Kenwood Media Keg MG-G508 portable music player is scheduled available for late January 2011 and comes in five colors: black, white, pink, yellow and green. There is no word pricing and release date in the US market.

Kenwood Media Keg MG-G508 pocket-sized music player

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