Kwikset Kevo Door Lock, no physical key and just send electronic key [video]

Electronic door locks with a password, fingerprint or a smart card might be past alternative. Kwikset has recently launched a virtual key for lock/unlock door, called the Kwikset Kevo. It doesn’t have physical keys but you can use smartphones to unlock a door.


Kwikset Kevo door lock used Unikey technology that delivers touch-to-unlock capabilities. This technology is based on Bluetooth Smart Ready/4.0 connectivity between your smartphone (with the Kevo app) and Kwikset Kevo door lock.

You can create and send electronic key (eKey) to your family or friends. The Kevo mobile app is currently available for iOS devices (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5). For those who don’t have a compatible smartphone, the company is also offers Kevo Fob that same touch to open technology and convenience. Kwikset-Kevo-Bluetooth-Door-Lock-2It’s look like keychain with four AA batteries that enabling give power for one year of usage (normal use). For emergency case (the door has no power), the physical key is also included when purchase the Kwikset Kevo.

Upcoming Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Lock
[youtubevideo id=”CIWGwWYj3ZU”]

Kwikset Kevo Door Lock, no physical key and just send electronic key
The Evolution of the Key is Coming


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