Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 high-performance laptops with Xeon processor

China’s most popular computer producer, Lenovo has just officially announced a pair of ThinkPad laptops that boasted by Xeon processor. These mobile workstations are known as the Lenovo ThinkPad P50, while the other one is Lenovo ThinkPad P70. Both systems will start shipping in sometime in Q4 of 2015. Speaking of price, the new Lenovo ThinkPad P50 will cost $1599 and above. The higher-priced Lenovo ThinkPad P70 will start $1999.


ThinkPad P70: Designed for high-end professionals in industries ranging from media and entertainment to oil and gas. ThinkPad P50: Lenovo’s thinnest and lightest full-function mobile workstation yet.

Two ThinkPad P-Series are a high-performance laptop, which comes with a 3840 x 2160 pixel IPS display, NVIDIA Quadro graphics, and Intel Xeon E3-1500M v5 processor. Beside the price, the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70 has a different in their screen sizes, the one is 15.6 inch, while the other is 17 inch.

The 15.6-inch ThinkPad P50 supports three storage hardware and one Thunderbolt 3 port. It brings a 4-cell 66 Whr battery. But the laptop lacks an optical disc drive. Weighs 5.6 pounds, the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 measures about an inch thick.Lenovo-ThinkPad-P50-P70-laptops-2

Lenovo ThinkPad P70 will work with up to 64GB of DDR4 ECC memory, up to four storage devices, and up to 1TB of SSD. This machine provides two Thunderbolt 3 ports and an optional 1920 x 1080 pixel touchscreen display (there is a 4K non-touch screen). It measures about 1.2 inches thick and weighs more over 7 pounds.

Press Release
Lenovo Ushers in a New Era of Mobile Workstation Power and Performance with Lenovo ThinkPad P50 and P70
Expanded Mobile Workstation Portfolio Features Best-in-Class Speed, Reliability and Display for the Most Demanding Professional Users


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