Lexar XQD high-end memory cards for Nikon D4

The famous flash memory maker, the Lexar has recently officially announced its new line of cards for Nikon D4. It is called the Lexar XQD memory card that compatibility with D4 and also future XQD-based cameras.

It is build the PCI Express-based memory and offering high-speed performance for high-quality images, 1080p full HD (high-definition) video, as well as 3D video content. The XQD will replacement for the CompactFlash card technology. According to press release, the Lexar XQD memory cards will deliver performance up to 5Gb per second in the future.

The Lexar XQD will be debut in market in Q3 2012 but no word on pricing yet.

Lexar XQD high-end memory cards for Nikon D4
Lexar Announces Support for XQD Memory Card Specification
Lexar XQD Memory Cards to be Compatible with Nikon D4 and Future XQD-based Camera Models


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