LG flexible e-Paper with 6-inch plastic display

LG Display today announced the development with new flexible electronic paper display. Newest innovation is made out of a plastic screen, which is enabling bent up to 40 degrees from center of the screen without fear of damaging it. The LG flexible e-Paper display is also more durable that resistant to multiple drops from a height of five feet onto a hard surface.

LG said that in comparison with conventional glass e-ink displays (glass electronic paper display / EPD), the plastic EPD panel is about three times thinner and twice as lighter: flexible e-Paper display has 0.7mm thickness and weighs just 14 grams.

At moment, the LG flexible e-Paper is a 6-inch monochrome e-ink display with XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution. This technology will be used on the next generation eBook reader device.

The mass production of LG flexible e-Paper screen is starting April 2012 and first device with plastic display could be debut in the summer. It is becomes the world’s first plastic electronic paper display (EPD) for use in E-Books.

LG flexible e-Paper with 6-inch plastic display
LG unveils flexible plastic e-paper display, aims for European launch next month
LG Display Begins Mass Production of World’s First Plastic E-Paper Display With advancements in functionality and design, Plastic EPD to revolutionize E-Book market


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