LG Gram 15 notebook, lightest large-screen laptop

LG Electronics has silently official introduced a new 15.6 inch laptop, dubbed the LG Gram 15. Most strong point of this member of LG Gram lineup is its most compact model. The Gram 15 notebook comes with weigh just 2.16 pounds. South Korean company has been unveiled 13.3 inch and 14 inch notebooks, which have both 0.5 inches thick and just 2.16 pounds weight.


Next up, the LG Gram 15 laptop is powered by an Intel Skylake processor and a 15.6 inch display. Even a massive screen size, the upcoming notebook measures no much larger than a typical laptop with a 14 inch display. So, the LG Gram 15 would have extra-thin bezels that located around the display.

Considering these features, the LG 15.6 inch laptop becomes one of the lightest notebooks with a large screen size. Keep in mind, the Lenovo LaVie Z laptop is currently got a title one of the lightest laptops on the market, which has just 1.87 pounds and a smaller 13.3 inch display. It will pre-loaded with Windows 10 operating system. Company says the machine offers prioritizes both productivity and mobility.

LG hasn’t reveal further detail of this laptop but the LG gram 15 (model number 15Z960) will go show off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in January.

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