LG Pocket Photo NFC-enabled printer with Zink technology

LG Electronics just launched a new ultra-portable photo printer called the LG Pocket Photo. It is designed to print photos from phone or other mobile device. LG Pocket Photo could be the world’s smallest mobile picture printer ever.

Besides uses Bluetooth and USB, the most interesting of this printer is support for NFC connectivity, which is allowing users to print any photo from smartphone or tablet via this technology.

The LG Pocket Photo is utilized Zink Zero Ink Printing that enabling the 2- x 3-inch prints without relying on conventional ink. In additional, this pocket printer brings a dedicated Android app, which able to use to apply filters, QR codes and messages.

Dimensions of LG Pocket Photo are 118 x 70 x 22.5 mm and weigh about 213 grams. Available in orange, white and silver color options, the price of LG Pocket Photo is 189,000 won (around $170).

LG Pocket Photo Gallery

LG Pocket Photo NFC-enabled printer with Zink technology
LG Electronics, the world’s smallest mobile photo printer, ‘Pocket Photo’ Released


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