LG SmartThinQ Hub, a gateway for smart home technology

LG Electronics has announced its new device for supporting smart home technology. Called the LG SmartThinQ Hub, it will be showcased at the CES 2016 next week. This is a new IoT device and acts as a gateway to smart sensors. At the IFA few months back, LG was introduced a SmartThinQ sensor that able to monitor your day-to-day home appliances and control them via an app.


Back to the LG SmartThinQ Hub, it has a 3.5-inch color LCD display. It can connect to a smartphone app and will able control home appliances. That’s including refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners and a variety of sensors. The LG SmartThinQ Hub can collect information from smart appliances. But the conventional devices are able to be connected to SmartThinQ sensors via Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth.


You’ll see their data that displayed on the LCD screen. Thus, this screen can be tilted at an angle to be easily readable. But you can decided it as announced through its embedded speaker. So, you are able to stream music from free stations from iHeartRadio. Even it can play music from your smartphone or a tablet through Bluetooth connectivity. Company has mentioned that LG SmartThinQ Hub is compatible with a number of devices from other manufacturers and service providers that support the AllJoyn Alliance open source framework.


Reportedly, the LG SmartThinQ Hub will go on sale in metallic body with Champagne Gold and Black colors. If you want see more detail, the LG SmartThingQ Hub, SmartThingQ sensor and other IoT devices will be show off during CES 2016 in Las Vegas from January 6th to 9th.

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LG SmartThinQ Hub, a gateway for smart home technology
New LG Smart Hub Sends Notifications from Appliances and Sensors, Displays Schedule Reminders and Streams Music


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